MicroMasters Program in Integrative Nursing

This MicroMasters is designed for nurses who are drawn to practice in a different way – nurses who value whole-person care and know that the essence of nursing practice is truly caring and healing. You will learn about the principles and practices of Integrative Nursing and how you can be a healing presence to all you serve. Then, you will do an integrative assessment and apply the principles of Integrative Nursing to improve symptom management and overall patient outcomes. Finally, you will explore ways to become a leader in Integrative Nursing and create new patient care models.

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8h weekly








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Module 1: Fundamentals of Nursing (18hrs)

This course provides the nurses of tomorrow with fundamental knowledge of issues surrounding the actual work on patients. As important as patient care is, every nurse needs to be equipped with some theoretical background knowledge too. Nurses will study the qualities, roles, and types of nursing.

Ethics and Legalities in Nursing Practice will be covered as well.

Module 2: Nursing Emergencies and ICU (48hrs)



  • Acute coronary syndrome

  • Pericarditis

  • Heart failure

  • Cardiogenic shock

  • Cardiac tamponade



  • Pulmonary embolism

  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)

  • Pulmonary edema

  • Pneumothorax

  • Pneumonia



  • Diabetic ketoacidosis

  • Hyperglycemic, hyperosmolar syndrome

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Thyroid storm

  • Adrenal insufficiency



  • Acute renal failure

  • Chronic renal failure

  • Drug-induced nephrotoxicity

  • Renal stones

  • Glomerulonephritis



  • Transient ischemic attacks

  • Stroke

  • Intracranial bleed

  • Increased intracranial pressure

  • Seizures

Module 3: Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors (18hrs)

  • Discuss preceptor roles and responsibilities.

  • Identify methods to assess learner needs and styles

  • Design effective clinical teaching and clinical learning experiences.

  • Facilitate students' critical thinking and clinical decision making

  • Discuss legal issues applicable to precepting student nurses

  • Apply principles of effective communication and conflict resolution to the clinical learning experience.

  • Apply principles of diversity and inclusivity in the role of clinical preceptor

Module 4: Management of care (12hrs)

  • Personality Traits of Nursing

  • Nursing Scope of Practices and Delegation

  • Five Rights of Nursing Delegation

  • Management of Care

Module 5: Nutrition & Diets (12hrs)

  • Management & Treatment of Vascular Ulcers

  • Ostomy Care                                                                                                                                

  • Support Surfaces

  • Wound Rounds & Assessment

  • Prevention of Re-hospitalizations

  • Diabetes 

  • ...and 10 other topics written and presented by wound care physicians!

Module 6: Pediatric Nursing (12hrs)

  • Early infant diagnosis

  • Pediatric HIV case identification

  • Care and treatment of children infected with HIV

  • Care of adolescents infected with HIV

  • Pediatric tuberculosis and opportunistic infections

  • Psychosocial support and care

  • Adherence and retention

Module 7: Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work (18hrs)

  • Discover the psychological and biological roots of empathy, trust, and cooperation

  • Understand how the skills of emotional and social intelligence support organizational happiness and productivity

  • Develop research-based strategies for strengthening empathy and resolving conflicts constructively

  • Learn how to lead with social intelligence

  • Managing stress

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