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MicroMasters in Entrepreneurship

Many people wonder how to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can be learned, begin your journey by generating an entrepreneurial mindset and improve how you think about business opportunities whether it’s for a small or large business, family-owned or venture-backed, or a social media entrepreneurship venture. Entrepreneurship training helps expose you to fundamental concepts and analytical tools such as the lean startup process to help improve your chance for success. Learn case studies from successful entrepreneurs who will inspire you and teach valuable lessons on how to grow a business from non-profits to large corporations.

In Entrepreneurship micromaster you will learn about various requirements to become successful as an entrepreneur including conducting opportunity analysis, developing a business plan, starting a small business, acquiring financing to start the company, and scaling the business. An entrepreneur should have a fundamental understanding of business skills such as accounting and finance, marketing, and strategy.

What will you learn?




8h weekly








Offline/Live online

Module one: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Gain an understanding of how Entrepreneurial Thought and Action may be applied to opportunities of all kinds including new ventures as well as innovation within existing organizations.

Understand the fundamental concepts and analytical tools that help assess opportunities and develop entrepreneurial ventures, and how these concepts and tools may be applied to real world business situations and opportunities.

Learn and use a methodology to develop and assess new opportunities that are the critical first step in moving an idea from concept to launch and implementation.

Develop, define and clearly communicate a new business concept or initiative in an efficient, effective and compelling manner.


  • Assess your personal interests

  • Set personal goals

  • Establish advisory group

  • Be introduced to the Business Model Canvas

  • Develop an organization chart for your business

  • Interview one person you’d like to hire

Module two: The acceleration Plan

You’ll dive even deeper into developing a plan to accelerate your business, doing some research to pull together facts and figures to develop a more complete acceleration plan to help you understand the more intricate details of how to iterate certain parts of your business model to grow your business. In this course you will:

Create an outline of your acceleration plan:

  • Define and size your market based upon your new view

  • Develop and implement a market research plan

  • More fully understand what marketing entails

  • Learn more about adding to your entrepreneurial team and how to lead it effectively

  • Develop a detailed financial plan for your business and, if needed, how to obtain outside financing

What is a Plan?

  • Learn about business plans

  • Create a table of contents for your acceleration plan

  • View business pitches

  • Learn about the exciting competition


Market Sizing

  • Refine and size your market based on your new plan of attack

  • Identify any new competitors that you may encounter and develop a competitive analysis

  • Refine your competitive advantage


  • Understanding what marketing entails

  • Promotion

  • Building your brand



  • What it means to be an effective leader

  • How to build an entrepreneurial team

  • Coordination among all functional areas


Financial Plan

  • Determine additional investment needs given your acceleration plan. 

  • Estimate the investment and return on that investment expected to execute on your acceleration plan.

  • Develop a profit and loss statement with projections

  • Develop a form of cash flow statement

  • Cash management

  • Ways to finance your business

  • Putting a plan in place

Module three: the customer journey 

  • Primary Customer Research

  • Bottom-Up Market Analysis

  • Market Segmentation

  • Beachhead Market Analysis

  • Development of End User Profile

  • Profiling of Customer Persona

  • Estimation of Total Addressable Market Size

  • What can you do for your customer?

  • Analysis of Full Product Life Cycle Use Case

  • Design of High Level Product Specification

  • Estimation of Quantified Value Proposition

  • Charting of Competitive Position

  • Development of your company’s “Secret Sauce”

  • Understand the Decision-Making Unit

  • Navigate the Decision-Making Process

  • Develop a Pricing Framework

  • Map the Sales Process

  • Choose or Design a Business Model

  • Measure the Cost of Customer Acquisition

  • Estimate the Lifetime Value of Your Customer

Meet your instructors


Omar Elmetwally:

Omar Elmetwally an engineer and a dreamer, a tech savy who loves to invent stuff.

He started his career as a petroleum engineer in schlumberger after several years of work on drilling rigs he quit his high pay job and started his own business.

He founded the first tech company specialized in the technology of fabrics and clothing.

Then he drifted to the world of big data and Internet of things from how to use the data to change the environment around us to controlling everything around with the power of Internet if things.

meet him in module one


Shehab Salah:

CFO at Jumia Egypt. A certified public accountant (CPA) Guam  board of accountancy USA with more than 2 years as a statutory and tax leader at GE (General Electric) and 5 years of experience at big four auditing firms (Ernst & Young 3 year – KPMG 2 years) specialized in the financial audit.
Strong knowledge in IFRS “International Financial Reporting Standard” and US GAAP

meet him in module two


Eman Morsy:

Eman Morsy, Learning & Development Consultant, & coach.

She has diversified experience and hands on practices in strategic corporate social responsibility strategies; linking corporate social responsibility with youth development and women empowerment projects, adding on her mentoring activities for start-ups.

Her learning & development experience was enriched through American University in Cairo, Arab Academy & Cairo university,  with remarkable steps in coaching for executives, employees, & youth. She has been invited as a keynote speaker in most of the National & international universities, and participated in Women Economic Forum, World youth forum and The African Economic forum as well.

 Her educational background includes a Master of Business Administration;  German University in Cairo majoring in Strategic Management & Marketing.  Certified CIPD professional;  Chartered Institution of personal development, UK.  Professional certified trainer; American university in Cairo, Certified Meta Coach; Meta coaching foundation USA.

meet her in module one


Rania Kabadaya:

Regional Manager in Talabat

She started her career as a customer service agent in Vodafone, She was responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of customers at all times  through the different roles she had during her journey, also she was responsible for creating a reliable customer loyalty program, setting customer service goals for team members and helping them reach those goals, interacting with customers and handling customer queries and complaints in a timely manner and in a superior quality.

Then she joined Otlob Company and for her it was a very rich experience to work in such an innovative digital startup till it was acquired by Deliveryhero and Otlob was rebranded to become Talabat.

In Talabat she started wider role in Egypt and the Gulf area that included everything about customer's Journey. Her role is to proactively increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, through ensuring that interactions meet customer needs and managing the customer life cycle. The ultimate goal is creating an ongoing strategy for anticipating and meeting customer needs.
Analyzing data and discover customer value requirements , segmentation,  process improvement was on top of her plate in addition to using the design thinking mode that encourage a wider range of ideas and prototypes regarding the product itself and the customer support channels so she and her team can reach the final thing that suits customers.

Her educational background includes Senior Executive Diploma in the AUC that created a guiding vision while integrating and managing various organizational functions, levels, processes, and teams (people) to create value.

meet her in module three