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MicroMasters in
E-commerce logistics

High demand in the E-commerce market and the transportation of products are very important factors in customer satisfaction. From the moment the product is picked up at the store until it reaches the final client, it goes through different stages where the utmost care is needed. It is a great challenge to ensure that delivery is timely and in keeping with the client’s expectations. Last mile logistics is vital for E-commerce.

What you'll learn


  • Get to know the concept of E-commerce logistics and its impact on the consumer.

  • Identify the different stages of e-commerce logistic operation, from its design to the final delivery.

  • Identify the main challenges that currently face e-commerce logistics and worldwide trends.

  • Get to know e-commerce logistics cases worldwide and the innovations they have created facing the current situation.





8h weekly








Offline/Live online

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Module 1: What is E-commerce logistics

  • What is E-commerce logistics?

  • The E-commerce value network

  • Impact of E-commerce logistics on customers


Module 2: E-commerce logistical process

  • Operations design

  • Order supply

  • Last Mile logistics

MODULE 3: Challenges of E-commerce logistics

  • Logistical costs

  • Payment and billing

  • Omnichannel

  • Storage nodes

  • Handling goods

  • Sustainability

  • Returns

  • Customer experience

  • Transportation

  • Traceability

  • Technology

MODULE 4: Success cases

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Meet your instructors


Shehab Salah:

CFO at Jumia Egypt. A certified public accountant (CPA) Guam  board of accountancy USA with more than 2 years as a statutory and tax leader at GE (General Electric) and 5 years of experience at big four auditing firms (Ernst & Young 3 year – KPMG 2 years) specialized in the financial audit.
Strong knowledge in IFRS “International Financial Reporting Standard” and US GAAP

meet him in module three and four

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