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MicroMasters in Digital Transformation in finance

Financial technology is an emergent field that is rapidly innovating, fueled by diverse predictions and concerns for what this will mean for the future of commerce and markets. Will banks lose out to new players offering better digital products and services, or will they learn how to assimilate and collaborate with disruptive technologies? How will digital currencies like Bitcoin fare in the face of insurgents? Can new currencies, regulation, and digital infrastructure enlighten social progress?

This program in Digital Transformation in Finance will equip participants with the foundations to participate in these dialogues, as well as provide resources and support as to how to shape their own FinTech ventures. The program examines current and emerging technologies around money and payments, markets and consumer experience, and explores key ideas, principles, and frameworks around RegTech, PropTech and social inclusion.

The Digital Transformation in Financial Services programme Everest Business Consulting Executive Education is an immersive nine-month multi-modular learning journey that will provide you with an overview of the technologies and trends transforming the banking and financial services industry today. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fintech tools that you need for data-based decision-making and driving customer strategy.

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Module 1: FinTech Fundamentals-18h

This course provides an introduction to the FinTech and financial transformation; students will understand the following topics in 18H:

  • Orientation session for online component.

  • Live session: technology and transformation in financial services.

1- Introduction to FinTech;

  • FinTech History

  • Digital Transformation

  • FinTech Evolution

  • Emerging Economics: opportunities and challenges

2-FinTech & Financial Inclusion

  • Why financial inclusion is important

  • FI Effects on Economic Growth

  • How to increase Financial Inclusion

  • What Does Fintech Mean for Financial Inclusion?


3-Main sectors of FinTech;

  • Payment

  • PSD2 overview and how goes changed the financial industry landscape in Europe

  • Mobile Banking

  • P2P & MPL

  • Consumer Lending & Consumer Finance

  • Crowed Funding


Module 2 | Industry framework-24h

  • Global economic environment

  • Capital markets and central banking

  • The future of money

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain

  • Banks and fintech integration

  • Digital banks

  • Digital business ecosystem in financial services

  • Cyber risk and security

    • Information classification

    • Information Security best practice

    • Defense in depth model

    • Cyber security and Crime

    • Cyber risk and types of cyber-attack

  • Framework introduction


Module 3 | Tech-24h

  • Digital transformation strategy

  • Agile working method

  • Digital Business Models & Architectures

  • technology and transformation in financial services

  • Game-changing technologies: cloud and mobile

  • Game-changing technologies: internet of things (IoT)

  • Data Science in Finance

  • Game-changing technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

  • Game-changing technologies: big data analytics


Module 4 | product management-18h

  • Disruptive business models

  • Framework for implementing a digital transformation

  • Strategy and innovation

  • Customers in the digital age

  • Customer experience UX/UI

  • Marketing of financial services and road map

  • Creating a go to market plan

  • Use case will be solved by the product

  • Projects


Module 5: Digital Transformation in Financial Services & Digital banking- 18h

  • Digitization of financial services

  • Alternative financing data sourcing

  • Digital financing risk & opportunities

  • Global & Local Context

  • Digital Platforms & Customer experience

  • E-Commerce & Electronic payment

  • Post financial analysis

  • Moving from Traditional Banking to New-gen Banking

  • Proliferation of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Direct Banking Concept.

  • Digital banking trends

  • Customer experience: The ultimate goal

  • Risk Management in E-Banking

  • Personalise and predict: The power of data analytics for digital banking

  • The Future of Bank Branch

  • Open Banking


Module 6: Regulations & FinTech-24h

  • FinTech Regulations

  • Perspectives on Regulation

  • The Regulation Innovation Tradeoff

  • How Can Banks Keep Up with FinTech Regulations?

  • Goals of Security & Regulation

  • Issues Regulating FinTech

  • Crypto currencies & ICO Regulations

  • Global FinTech Regulation

  • Challenge of Data Regulation

  • PSD2 and what does it mean for fraud.

Smart Regulation -FinTech Regulations

  • Digital Identity

    1. What is RegTech?

    2. Evolution of RegTech

    3. What is InsurTech?

    4. RegTech Ecosystem: Financial Institutions

    5. RegTech Ecosystem: Startups

    6. RegTech Ecosystem: Challenges

    7. RegTech Ecosystem: Regulators

    8. Regulatory Sandbox

    9. RegTech Applications

    10. RegTech & Looking Forward


Module 7: Telecom Finance-24h

  • Telecom should be at the center of digital finance industry (role and influence)

  • Operators strategies for financial inclusion 

  • How the world of Telecom and banks is colliding (at the way to make cooperation)

  • Why should FinTech partner with operators and Banks?

  • PSD2 mandates and Opportunity for Banks open APIs access to finance

  • Examples of FinTech services and railways that could benefit from partnering with telecom Operators

  • Why is M-PESA the POSTER CHILD for FINANCIAL INCLUSION? (learning and impact on economy and Africa)

  • Bit Coins, Crypto currencies and financial inclusion and service app and social platform cooperation and impact

  • Future of Telecom, e-Wallet, Payment &FinTech Innovation

  • How Telecoms paving their roads to become digital banks

  • Why old Telecom business models are broken

  • Africa continues to be the continent where” Necessity is the mother of innovation”

  • Why Banks and Telecoms Must Merge to Surge

  • The Consumer Perspective

  • Equipment Financing and Leasing

  • Electronic Data Interchange

  • Telecommunications Regulations Already Exist to Manage Bank Entry into the                   Telecommunications Field

  • Mobile Banking, Mobile Money and Telecommunication Regulations

  • Telecom market trends

  • Amazon and Uber model

  • Financial mobile apps

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