MicroMasters in Digital Marketing

If you search Google for ‘Digital Marketing Courses’, you’ll find a lot of courses covering different digital marketing disciplines. For example, there are courses that focus only on SEO or social media marketing but they don’t give you a complete picture of all digital marketing channels.

The purpose of this MicroMaster is to complete digital marketing courses that cover a wide range of digital marketing concepts and not just one area. The curriculum includes different types and levels of courses suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

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Module one: Introduction to Marketing

This Introduction to Marketing course will help you understand the role of marketing and introduce you to the latest tools to help create value and competitive advantage. We explore how new businesses can achieve impact through marketing, providing you with unique insight to apply within your own business. Learn how to build a compelling value proposition, establish presence in a market, and compete effectively against rivals. Learn how marketers use segmentation, targeting, positioning, branding, design, pricing, communication channels to win against competitors, attract customers and build brand loyalty.


What you will learn?

  • How marketing creates value

  • How marketing can influence perceptions, purchasing and loyalty

  • How segmentation, targeting and positioning can lead to more effective and profitable marketing

  • How successful brands are developed and sustained

  • How design, pricing, distribution, communication, people, process and physical evidence can be used to build compelling and profitable marketing strategies

  • Role of Marketing

  • Consumers and Consumption

  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

  • Designing Products and Services

  • Pricing and Channels

  • Communicating and Engaging

Module two: Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a major component of marketing today. This module will equip you with practical digital marketing skills to help you build your business. You will learn about the digital marketing landscape and how digital technologies can be used to help businesses identify opportunities and minimize risk. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how digital supports business objectives, and how it can set enterprise apart.

You will learn how to apply your new skills to future marketing activities by developing your own unique digital marketing strategy capable of outperforming competitors and achieving a set of business objectives.


  • A Strategic Perspective on Social Media Marketing

Introduction to social media and how it has altered the consumer decision-making process and communications paradigm. Describe the role of social media in marketing strategy and assess the tradeoffs in using social media relative to traditional communication methods. Learn how to set social media marketing objectives that are linked to business objectives.

  • Leveraging Networks

Understand the role of networks in the distribution of content, including network structure and how it affects the flow of information. Learn how to leverage online networks and communities to engage consumers in brand-related conversations. Discuss how to identify influencers and their role in distributing content.

  • Creating Engaging Content

Learn how to create social media content that attracts and retains consumers' attention and motivates engagement and sharing. Describe the role of storytelling in a digital landscape. Understand how to evaluate and select platforms for distributing content.

  • Social Media Listening and Co-Creation

Examine how social media listening is integrated into marketing decision making. Introduction to approaches to social media listening and how to draw inferences from listening data. Learn how social media is used to facilitate open innovation and co-creation.

  • Assessing Social Media ROI

Introduction to a framework for assessing the return on investment of social media activities. Describe metrics for measuring the success of social media efforts and explore the role of analytics in linking these metrics to the bottom line. Understand the role of paid media in social media marketing.

  • The Role of Social Media in the Organization

Describe organizational approaches to managing social media and developing social media policy. Discuss how to manage specific issues in social media, including negative feedback, online reviews, and crisis management. Identify ethical conflicts and issues associate with social media marketing decisions.

The outcome

  1. Understand why digital marketing matters today

  2. Understand changes in the digital landscape

  3. Learn how to create innovative and impactful content

  4. Learn how to create and use consumer personas

  5. Conduct a competitor audit and analysis

  6. Develop your own digital marketing strategy

  7. Why digital matters?

  8. The impact of digital on product

  9. The impact of digital on value proposition

  10. Changes in technology a marketer has to be aware of

  11. Digital policies

  12. The persona and its journey

  13. Competitor analysis

  14. Final Project: Digital Marketing Strategy development

Module Three: Online Advertising & Social Media

Building an online brand and outreach strategy is paramount to any social media planning and strategy. The vast amount of data, customer insights, platforms and networks are re-imagined each day, demanding the marketer to be a savvy predictor. This course will prepare you for a comprehensive approach to online advertising, detailing various analysis approaches and selecting the right networks and the right messages. You will explore relevant and trending concepts such as: social media ads, active users, advertising platforms, advertising strategy, advertising, hashtags, influencers, landing page, seo, ad spend, advertising options, email marketing, google ad words, lead generation, video ads, click-through rate, and content marketing. Be prepared to plan and allocate resources to the advertising that creates an impact.

This module is designed for online media strategists, marketing analysts and managers, marketing brand and strategy experts and digital marketing leaders.

What you will learn


  • Online Advertising Ecosystems

  • Evaluation of Online Display Campaigns

  • Online Reviews and Sentiment Analysis

  • Social Media /Social Network Analysis

  • Analysis of Social Media Big Data

Module four: Creating Digital Content for the World

Want to learn how to create a digital product that is truly ready for the world?

This module shows you everything a developer or PM needs to know to keep in mind when working on software or websites that will be consumed across different markets.

This module is an introduction to internationalization, the process of developing the core of a digital product whose features and design are not solely based on a single language or locale. You will learn how to cater for different writing systems, regional formats and even directionality of scripts like the Arabic one. You will also learn about design requirements around localizability that need to be met before you can even start with translating your product into other languages. And you will get a glimpse at the challenges of creating products that don’t offend foreign markets because they are culturally or politically insensitive.

What you will learn

  • Project roles and responsibilities in internationalization

  • Content development models

  • Basics of text encoding, implementation of regional formats and directionality

  • Understanding of cultural sensitivity and geopolitical considerations

  • Principles of localizability

  • Quality assurance for internationalization

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Meet your instructors


Hussien Ali:

growth marketer and ecommerce expert he have worked with over 40 brands driving tens of millions of sales pre and post covid.

He has helped of growing brands from zero to hero in matter of months, hussien is an expert in amplyfiing sales and sales funnel tactical design with lots of actual number and case studies in the ecommerce market.

Meet him in module two


Riham Reda:

Riham Reda has more than 15 years’ experience in marketing, branding and public relations, and over 12 years in hospitality and restaurant business.
Riham started her career in luxury Hotels & resorts such as the Marriot, the Sheraton and Four Seasons Hotels as Director of Public Relations and Marketing. Then she worked with Rotana media company in Egypt, then Orascom telecom as a corporate branding director, then she joined the oil and gas field as a director of government and public affaires. 
Riham moved to Canada and was working mainly in marketing and digital marketing projects for the Canadian and US markets. As well, she is managing the family business restaurant chain Menthe et Couscous and its franchise system.

Meet her in module one and two.


Eman Morsy:

Eman Morsy, Learning & Development Consultant, & coach.

She has diversified experience and hands on practices in strategic corporate social responsibility strategies; linking corporate social responsibility with youth development and women empowerment projects, adding on her mentoring activities for start-ups.

Her learning & development experience was enriched through American University in Cairo, Arab Academy & Cairo university,  with remarkable steps in coaching for executives, employees, & youth. She has been invited as a keynote speaker in most of the National & international universities, and participated in Women Economic Forum, World youth forum and The African Economic forum as well.

 Her educational background includes a Master of Business Administration;  German University in Cairo majoring in Strategic Management & Marketing.  Certified CIPD professional;  Chartered Institution of personal development, UK.  Professional certified trainer; American university in Cairo, Certified Meta Coach; Meta coaching foundation USA.

meet her in module one

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-15 at 9.40.25 PM.

Marwa Al.Saudi

Founder and CEO of Omniat, a company that helps foreign businesses reach their target Arab, and Middle eastern audiences, while shaping the future of work, by creating opportunities for freelancers who provide content marketing, content production, and translation services.
- A multipotentialite who worked in content creation, education, digital marketing, publishing, telecom, and over 7 years in IT.
- IBM Certified Instructor - iTi's EduEgypt Program
- HubSpot Certified Content Marketer
- MBA Candidate at Swiss School of Management
- B.A. of Arts and English Literature - 2007
- Founding member of SSM Rotaract Club
- Amateur Scriptwriter

Meet her in module Four

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