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MicroMasters in Customer Relationship Management 

While all businesses focus their efforts on excellent customer service it usually ends there. It is also important that the relationship built with the customer from the point of sale is sustained. The goal of your business should be to develop brand ambassadors and it starts with your regular customers! This MicroMaster is designed for the leaner to understand and acknowledge their role in the development of a culture of Service. It is expected that the learner will have a clear understanding of their role in customer relationship and learn skills in handling difficult situations with ease so as to project a positive and professional image of the business to its customer.

Good customer service can be considered as the big differentiator between firms. While competing products are often similar and can anyway be easily duplicated, good customer service is a holistic system, requiring a sustained organization-wide effort, driven by the top and permeating all aspects of the organization culture. The resulting customer-centric organization becomes a formidable competitor whose model cannot be easily copied.


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Module one: Defining Customer services and customer Relationship

  • Stages of customer relationship

  • Discovery 

  • Evaluation

  • Purchasing 

  • Experiencing

  • Retention

  • Brand Advocate

  • What is Customer Service    

  • The Goals of Great Customer Service    

  • Discovering and Understanding Customer Needs    

  • Delivering Maximum Levels of Customer Service

  • Making Customers Feel Great from the Start

Communication Skills    

  • Non-verbal Communication and Body Language    

  • Dealing with Customer Complain

  • Dealing with anger 

Defining and appreciating the customer

  • Definition of customer

  • Definition of customer service

  • The internal and external customer

Importance of the internal customer

  • The need for motivated employees

  • The need for qualified employees

  • Silo mentality

  • Destroying the silos

Module two: Understanding Customer Relations Management 

  • Introduction to CRM

  • Understanding relationships

  • Managing the customer lifecycle – customer acquisition

  • Managing the customer lifecycle – customer retention and development

Strategic CRM

  • Customer portfolio management

  • How to deliver customer-experienced value

  • Managing customer experience

Operational CRM

  • Salesforce automation

  • Marketing automation

  • Service automation

Analytical CRM

  • Developing and managing customer-related databases

  • Structured and unstructured data

  • Data integration, warehousing and marts

  • Knowledge management

  • Using customer-related data

  • Analytics

  • Three ways to generate analytical insight

  • Privacy issues


Realizing the Benefits of CRM

  • Planning to succeed

  • Implementing CRM

  • The future

Module three: Customer service as a strategic imperative

  • From ‘suspect’ to ‘partner’

  • Going up the ladder

  • The 'KANO' model. ‘Basic’ attributes. ‘Performance’ attributes. ‘Delight’ attributes

  • The customer-centric organization

  • Customer service as a strategic imperative

  • The 7 practices of Customer-centric organization


Customer satisfaction surveys and other vital tools

  • Understanding your customers

  • Importance of segmentation

  • Principles of customer segmentation

  • Focus groups


Customer satisfaction surveys

  • Key terms

  • Major survey methods

  • Questionnaire examples

  • Customer survey guidelines

  • Types of satisfaction surveys

  • Basics of sampling

  • Attributes to measure

  • Customer satisfaction index

Meet your instructors

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Mona Elshazly:

Mona Elshazly has more than 5 years’ experience in customer relation management and over 8 years in hospitality.

Mona started her career in high luxury Hotels & resorts such as Four Seasons Hotels and The Oberoi Hotels. Then she worked with Sony Mobiles Egypt as Customer care manager.

Currently, Ms. Mona is an Academic Operations Manager at Swiss school of management, Egypt.

Mona holds a B.Sc. of psychology from faculty of art, Alexandria University in 2009.

Mona had a diploma in Business administration from AAST, Diploma in community development from Daystar University, Kenya and many courses in leadership, soft skills, TOT and CRM

Meet her in module one


Rania Kabadaya:

Regional Manager in Talabat

She started her career as a customer service agent in Vodafone, She was responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of customers at all times  through the different roles she had during her journey, also she was responsible for creating a reliable customer loyalty program, setting customer service goals for team members and helping them reach those goals, interacting with customers and handling customer queries and complaints in a timely manner and in a superior quality.

Then she joined Otlob Company and for her it was a very rich experience to work in such an innovative digital startup till it was acquired by Deliveryhero and Otlob was rebranded to become Talabat.

In Talabat she started wider role in Egypt and the Gulf area that included everything about customer's Journey. Her role is to proactively increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, through ensuring that interactions meet customer needs and managing the customer life cycle. The ultimate goal is creating an ongoing strategy for anticipating and meeting customer needs.
Analyzing data and discover customer value requirements , segmentation,  process improvement was on top of her plate in addition to using the design thinking mode that encourage a wider range of ideas and prototypes regarding the product itself and the customer support channels so she and her team can reach the final thing that suits customers.

Her educational background includes Senior Executive Diploma in the AUC that created a guiding vision while integrating and managing various organizational functions, levels, processes, and teams (people) to create value.

meet her in module one, two and three

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