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Media Management MicroMasters

Media Management program will quip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to function as a professional in the areas of communication and media management.

This MicroMasters will also allow you explore careers in various related fields: managing and creating content, managing multi-platform media, and investigative journalism and global media.

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Module 1: Introduction to Media Management (12hrs)

This module would be the over-arching module taking a broad overview of the media landscape globally and in Africa, looking at the history, place and role of media companies and journalism in society; the key drivers and restrainers of the business of media; looking at best practice as well as successful and failed media firms and why this is so.


Module 2:  Managing People (12hrs)

This module would combine leadership and management theories and practices and seek to develop practical skills of learners in managing, motivating, recruiting, rewarding, training and disciplining people at the workplace using case studies.


Module 3: Managing Finance (12hrs)

This module would focus on economic and financial drivers and restrainers of managing a media company and specifically look at issues of budgeting, cost controls, revenue generation, financial monitoring and reporting.


Module 4: Managing Content (12hrs)

This module would focus on how media firms make content and content decisions to attract both audiences and advertisers; it would emphasize the importance of content that matches the needs and wants of audiences and advertisers and the need to select the appropriate platforms to reach your target market.

Module 5:  Managing Distribution Networks (including circulation) (12hrs)

This module would examine various traditional and emerging digital distribution networks, including newspaper circulation, that media employ to effectively reach their markets, the challenges that they face and how these can be overcome.

Module 6: Managing Multi-platform Media (12hrs)

This module would focus attention on the changed media landscape and its impact on traditional media and the business of media and journalism, looking in particular at current experimentation, innovations and challenges of running multi-platform and converged media companies. 


Module 7: Managing in Competitive Markets (12hrs)

This module would focus on marketing and marketing activities and decisions of media companies to aid their businesses.   


Module 8:  Managing in the Global Markets(12hrs)

This module would examine how globalisation and internationalisation factors have come to play key roles in defining whether any business today will succeed or fail. Political, economic, social and technological changes in one part of the world can now have a huge impact on a company in a remote part of Africa. It would look at strategies necessary for media companies to survive in the 21st century and how they could position themselves by leveraging their unique resources and competencies.


Module 9: Investigative Journalism and Global Media (18hrs)

This module would focus on how brave journalists can rock the world by exposing corruption and human rights and labor abuses. Lecturer uses examples of investigative and crusading journalism from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, this course will help you understand how raising public awareness can create political and social change. By the end of this module you know how journalists can act as government and corporate watchdogs, the hard and soft pressures on investigative journalism, Stories of prominent reporters uncovering injustice from the late 19th century to today, and trends in media innovation.


Module 10: Multimedia and video Journalism (12hrs)

This module examine how the smartphones come with limitations to what they can do and how they perform. you will learn how to work with, and even overcome, these inherent limitations to transform your smartphone into the ultimate content ally. Learn all the skills necessary for shooting quality video on your iPhone or Android device. Gain best practices and technical skills in composition, light, movement, editing and more—all on your smartphone. We will learn how to be in the heart of any events to develop a story for video including storyboarding techniques, best-in-class interviewing techniques, tips for choosing video locations and how to optimize lighting, and audio, and ow to edit your video on your smartphone for quick publishing.

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Meet your instructors


Ayman Salah:

Ayman Salah is an expert in digital communication sciences. He works as a lecturer at Cairo University, the American University, and the Canadian University. He has also worked as a trainer with several international organizations such as the United Nations, American Aid, the International Center for Journalists and Areej Foundation for Investigative Journalism. He also works as a digital communication and communication consultant with many institutions.  Media in the Arab world such as Al-Ahram newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm, Al-Ghad newspaper in Jordan and Radio Al-Balad.  He has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and marketing communication with several international companies in several fields.  He also contributed to the development of several government websites and services, such as the e-government portal in Egypt, Otlob, Play, and Career Middle East.

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